How we crashed the Firebase Console in front of Firebase Engineers


I am a front end web developer, and I have been using Firebase since Sept 2015, and it really helps me a lot and I really like the product. Also, I am using Polymer/Web Components most of the time, so components like <polymerfire> allow me to use Firebase really really easy.

Firebase is ❤️

Firebase AppFest Hackathon Malaysia 2017

The event begins with a few talks by Firebase engineers, they talked about the latest feature of Firebase: Firebase Cloud Firestore, and other Firebase features. The talk was nice and it was really useful (although I know everything already lol)

“Welcome Note” by Bok (DevRel @ Google)
“What’s new in Firebase” by Robert-Jan Huijsman (Engineer @ Google)

What we built

The main focus for this Firebase AppFest Hackathon was Cloud Functions for Firebase.

Judging Criteria for the Hackathon

How we crashed the Firebase Console?

One of our team member trying to delete her iOS application from the Firebase project, for some reason she managed to ignore all the warning messages and eventually deleted the project.

Well, we “crashed” the firebase console ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


We won the second place!
(Left) Firebase Team + GDEs + GDG Kuala Lumpur + GDG Cebu (Right) Robert is really really tall (°ロ°) !
(Left) GDGKL PWA (Right) Admin Dashboard for GDGKL PWA



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Henry Lim

Henry Lim

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